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Who are we, and what we do?

About Us

We are Advanced Data Tech, a fast-growing IT company, established to elevate advanced analytics, data management, and Machine Learning in the demanding and ever-changing business world.

Our roots are dated back to the year 2000 when our mother company Data Solution is established. In the year 2018, triggered by the increasing amount of data and data impact on rapid transformation in the banking, finance, insurance, and telco industries, the new beginning of data-driven daughter company Advanced Data Tech is initiated.

As a team of highly skilled professionals and experts we are united and passionate not only by the knowledge we have but by the meaningful, modern, and data-driven, analytical solutions we offer, deliver, integrated, and support.

We believe having the right data, at the right time, in the right context mixed with the right software solution is a gold mine, that empowers businesses and accelerates the process of taking more informed decisions, stay focused and efficient, respond to the demanding customers’ expectations, retain more and more customers, generate better revenue and results and last but not least promote a data-driven culture.

For the time being, we have local presence, only on the Bulgarian market but we dream big and aim to become a Regional Player and spread our knowledge across the Balkans.

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