Data Management Solution we offer as SAS

Partner is vital for the financial and banking industry nowadays and enables them to stay competitive, to make more informed decisions, to identify better opportunities for growth and development in a current competitive landscape.

The Solution itself combines the most complete, sophisticated data management capabilities, including – data quality and integration, data preparation, data governance, personal data protection, federation, and security. Bank regulators expect advanced data management capabilities with increasing demand in the upcoming years.

Standards like Basel IV, AnaCredit, EBA guidelines for granting and monitoring credit facilities lifecycle requires a new, adequate, and fast response from the Banking institutions – we know how to deal with that!

The solution is tailored for the banking and financial sector and helps to build and deploying credit risk models, reduce model risk, simulate risk exposures, support capital planning, and prepare IFRS 9 and CECL estimates in a centralized, controlled environment.

By implementing the solution banks can reinforce a common language between finance, treasury, and risk functions to better communicate financial performance to the regulators.

The core advantage comes from building models and reports quickly, develop the most used reports with reduced operational risk, boost results through automated process and provide more time for analysis and exploration.

As a Silver Partner of SAS, we offer and integrate one of the most valuable solutions, Security and Fraud Management, a certain hype in the age of digital technology and transformation.

The solution helps to discover and prevent financial fraud and cybersecurity breaches on time. SFM combines traditional detection methods, advanced analytics, and Machine Learning to reveal suspicious events in real-time as a result of the increasing volume of online transactions, customer data, and creativity of the Criminals.

The solution combines an end-to-end approach for all types of Banking and Insurance Fraud prevention:

• Digital transactions & traditional card payments
• PSD2 regulatory requirements
• Application anti-fraud
• Internal anti-fraud
• Insurance claim anti-fraud
• All type of channels

Our first RPA solution is dated back to 2009 in our mother company Data Solutions, where we developed RoboAdvisor for financial services front end interaction.

We are also specialized in advanced analytics and machine learning implementation for financial services and the banking industry, covering a broad range of applications – underwriting processes, complex manual “search and find” procedures, decision support processes, forecasting, and predictions of variables. We know how to deal with CNN’s, GCN’s, RNN’s, Autoencoders, Moving Windows PCA, Classifications, Metaheuristics, and all complicated ML technics on your behalf.

Should you be just starting your ML&RPA journey, we would be happy to kick it off with a free initial consulting on what RPA is, what it is not and would it work for you at all.

Data management solutions provided by ADT

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